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manok mansuh

Asam siok (pronounced: a-sum see-yolk) or chicken with rice in bamboo (or bamboo chicken in short) is an authentic Bidayuh delicacy served normally during special occasions such as Gawai, gatherings or welcoming of special guests/VIPs. The Iban version of bamboo chicken is known as manok pansuh .

The preparation of the meal is very simple indeed. Nevertheless, the cooking part requires extra care and attention to avoid from overburning of the bamboo. The use of bamboo is a natural way of cooking that seals in the flavours and produces astonishingly tender chicken, perfumed with lemongrass and bamboo. The ingredients; whole chicken, steam rice, salt, ginger, lemon grass, tapioca leaves and of course, a little bit of water to boil.

The steps to prepare the meal, is as follows:

1. Stuff rice and chicken (already marinated with salt, ginger and lemon grass) into the bamboo until about three-quarter full.

2. Fill the rest with tapioca leaves. The leaves seal the mouth of the bamboo to contain the steam from escaping hence leaving an additional aroma and taste.

3. The stuffed bamboo is then cooked in open fire. Remember to turn the bamboo to keep the content evenly cooked.

4. The burnt outer layer of the bamboo is skinned off.

That’s all the step to make this dish, its a must to try when visiting Sarawak!