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Introduction of Sarawak



Sarawak is one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. It also known as “The Land of the Hornbills”. It is the largest state in Malaysia. Sarawak has more than 40 sub-ethnic groups, each with its own culture,lifestyle and own distinct language. Sarawak capital is Kuching which literally means cat.

borneo rainforest

Sarawak is a very Interesting place to visit. Two thirds of Sarawak is covered with lush tropical rain forests that is rich in flora and fauna ans Sarawak is home to 11 National Parks and 2 Wildlife Centres.

One of the popular National park is the Gunung Mulu national park. Mount Mulu is the second highest mountain in the state of Sarawak after Mount Murud. It is located within the boundaries of Gunung Mulu national park, which is named after it.

Gunung Mulu national park also have the biggest cave in the world. It has been said that the chamber is so big that it could accommodate about 40 Boeing 747s, without overlapping their wings. The nearby Deer Cave was, for many years, considered the largest single cave passage in the world.

So why wait? Visit Sarawak now and explore the rich culture of the Ethnic Group!



Purpose of this website

The purpose of making this website is to introduce some ethnic groups to all those who never has a chance to visit Sarawak and understand their culture. So we are here to introduce three ethnic groups to you.

Written by Eddie Puah, Felix Chong & Akmall Ariffin
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